Blue + Gray Project | Month 5 | Anora Jayne

Today is a very special day for us here in the Clark house.  One year ago today we got our first peek at the beautiful little girl that would make us parents!  It’s hard to believe it has been a year since then.  Our baby has gone from a wiggly little alien to a beautiful, sweet, smart baby girl.  She’s 5 months old and her tiny little hands hold our hearts.

This month she has learned to sit on her own for small amounts of time, roll from her tummy to her back, hold her weight on while standing and probably one of the most exciting developments for me…piggy tails!!!  This little lady is already a diva!  As soon as she puts her sunglasses on she enters “diva mode” and gets the cutest little pout and attitude.  She is definitely my child!

Also, this month we welcomed two little girls into our Ohana.  Miss Josie was born on May 8th to our friends Glory & Cameron and  Miss Lilia was born on May 13th to our neighbors Lei & Osama!  Both of these little girls are just so beautiful and I feel so blessed to have met them!

Seeing these babies has made me realize how much Anora has grown over the past 5 months.  She is so big and so smart, she just melts my heart!  So here we go!  Anora at 5 months old in all her cute little glory!

Month 1

Month 1

Month 2

Month 2

Blue Grey Project_March 22

Month 4

Month 4

This month’s cuteness:

Collage_0002 Blue+Grey Project  May 2014-27 Collage_0001 Collage_0004 Blue+Grey Project  May 2014-26 Collage_0003 Blue+Grey Project  May 2014-24 Collage_0007 Blue+Grey Project  May 2014-14 Blue+Grey Project  May 2014-8 Blue+Grey Project  May 2014-17 Collage_0005 Collage_0006

Blue + Gray Project | Month 4 | Personal

I know I’m a bit behind on these, but boy is it hard to keep up lately!  I can’t believe how much this little girl has grown already!  She is such a joy and has so much personality and sass already.

This month we started introducing solid foods and she is definitely a fan!  She loves applesauce and sweet potatoes.  Anora can almost sit up on her own, but she hasn’t quite figured out how to balance herself yet.

Here ‘s a quick recap of how much she has changed so far:

Month 1

Month 1

Month 2

Month 2

Month 3

Month 3

And here she is now!  4 months old and so very big!

2014-05-02_0002 2014-05-02_0025 2014-05-02_0008 2014-05-02_0011 2014-05-02_0024 2014-05-02_0014 2014-05-02_0026 2014-05-02_0018 2014-05-02_0015

Blue & Grey Project | 3 Months | Personal

Holy Smokes! Where has the time gone?  Is this baby really 3 months old already?!?

Things have been so crazy between Nick’s schedule, my business and keeping our little Dove happy, I never got the chance to post her pictures from last month! She has already grown so much and she is getting bigger and smarter every day.  She is so amazing and brings so much joy to our lives.

This month, she has mastered her vowel sounds loves to say “Hi” when when you pick her up.  Sh loves to play with her tongue and watch how your mouth moves when you talk to her.  She can now support herself upright and has started tri-poding, when she remembers to let go of her hands.  Her favorite pass times are playing her footie piano, talking to Doc McStuffins & Sophia the First and showing off her belly when she wears a dress.  Sadly her, little mohawk is starting to curl over now that it’s getting longer, but it’s still hanging in there!

Blue Grey Project

1 Month

FB Timeline_0001

2 Months

Blue Grey Project_March 20 Blue Grey Project_March 19 Blue Grey Project_March 23 Blue Grey Project_March 24 Blue Grey Project_March 33 Blue Grey Project_March 32 Blue Grey Project_March 07 Blue Grey Project_March 36

Blue & Gray Project | 1 Month | Personal

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve watched her grow and worried about everything from is she cold to is she eating enough…and it’s only been one month!!!  It’s so hard to believe that it was only a month ago that I was sitting in a hospital bed waiting for this little lady to arrive.  She truly is our little miracle!

I have been planning this project since that day I found out I was pregnant with her.  While I would love to claim credit, I got the idea from my friend Amanda and her White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project she did with her daughter.  I loved how you could see her grow and I knew I wanted to do something similar with Anora.

The cardigan is my favorite sweater (a hand-me-down from my little sister) and a pair for royal blue flats that I just LOVE.  I can’t wait to see our baby grow and one day fit into them!

So here she is, our crazy haired little wild woman.  Exactly one month old in the first installment of the Blue & Gray Project.  Enjoy!

Blue Grey Project

Blue Grey Project

Blue Grey Project

Blue Grey Project

All images ©Little Flower Photography 2014
Briley White Romper Tutu Hickam AFB Hawaii 22

Charity Mini Sessions| Photography

I love doing sessions with children!  I love families and couples too, but there’s just something so pure and innocent about shooting children’s sessions!  I love how free and natural kids are in front of the camera.  They have such a sweet, honest and open view of the world that only last for a short time.

So what better way to honor a child’s memory, then with a mini-session event dedicated to childhood?!?

On October 5th I will be holding mini-sessions to benefit the Olivia Faith Foundation.  This foundation was set up in tribute to Olivia Faith, a beautiful angel that battled a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).  Olivia was born on October 28, 2011 and survived so many changes in her short life, including surgery while still in the womb and a surgery to repair her diaphragm at 1 week old.  Olivia survived only 51 days on in the NICU before gaining her wings on December 18, 2011.  The Olivia Faith Foundation was created by Olivia’s family to help provide support to families in similar situations.  Along with organizations like CHERUBS, the Olivia Faith Foundation is helping to raise awareness for this little known defect that claims so many lives every year.

In honor of Olivia’s 2nd birthday, I will be holding a mini-sessions event on October 5, 2013.  Sessions will be $150 and will include a 30 minute session and a gallery of at least 10 images.  50% of additional products purchased will also go to the Olivia Faith Foundation.  All products will need to be ordered by October 25th in order for the donation to be made on October 28th.


Date: Saturday, October 5th | Rain Day~ Sunday, October 6th

Times: 8:00am- 11:00am, 3:00pm- 6:00pm

Theme: Celebrating Childhood- From mismatched outfits to superheros to favorite blankets and teddy bears, please feel free to bring some of your children’s’ favorite items to use during your session. 

Location: TBA, probably off Pali Highway or at West Loch Park- Natural light

Each session will include a gallery with a minimum of 10 high resolution images

Each session will include a free gift in the mail

Sessions will be 30 minutes – so you are in, out and welcomed to go enjoy the rest of your day

Images will be available to you within a MINIMUM of 3 days after the shoot so you are able to order cards, prints, etc before the October 25th cut off.

Proceeds benefit the Olivia Faith Foundation

Investment: $150

Tickets can be purchased HERE:

charity mini sessions info 5x5

Briley White Romper Tutu Hickam AFB Hawaii Little Flower Blog_0008 Briley White Romper Tutu Hickam AFB Hawaii 10 Briley White Romper Tutu Hickam AFB Hawaii Little Flower Blog_0018 Briley White Romper Tutu Hickam AFB Hawaii 22

Pregnancy + Working from Home | New Mommy Series

When I first found out I was pregnant EVERYONE was interested and wanted to give little tips and advise.  Veteran mommies and kid-less friends alike had stories of their pregnancies- or a friend of their’s.  I’ve heard a hundred tales of morning sickness and back pain.  One thing no one ever mentioned was work.  How it changes and how it can be more difficult, especially if you’re working from home.

For me it comes to a few key points and tricks I have learned from my wonderful friend and photographer Amanda Hedgepeth.  She has taught me so much and because of her I have been able to come up with my own system of semi-madness that works for me and my new little family- to-be.


Here are a few of those little tips to help you out on your quest for pregnant sanity:

1. Make a Schedule & Set Working Hours-  This seems so basic, but it really is a lifesaver!  You may be the type that needs a play by play, but for me, just having a rough outline is enough.  This is partly due to my husband’s crazy schedule and how it rotates (one week he works 5 days, the next he works 2 days).  Having a rough schedule allows me to get things done and still be able to spend as much time with him as possible.

For instance, I have an alarm set for 8am Monday- Saturday and one set for 9am everyday.  This makes me wake up at 8am no matter what 6 days a week and ensures that even if I feel exhausted and sleep in, I’ll be up by 9am.  Not only does this mean that I will be able to start work early enough, but it also means I’ll have breakfast about the same time everyday.

I also know that I will need to get food out for dinner around 2 or 3pm and start cooking around 6 or 6:30. I also know Nick will be home around 5:30-6. It may not sound like much, but to me this means my working hours are from about 9:30 to 6pm with a break around 2 or 3.

How I usually feel in the mornings.

How I usually feel in the mornings.

2. Learn to Multitask- Some people (like me) are natural multitaskers.  We have to be doing at least two things at once (like writing a blog, listening to stand up comedy and eating a quesadilla).  At the very least, multitasking allows me to eat while I check emails- or write blogs.  It also ensures that I am covering my bases.

3. Turn off the distractions-  For some it’s the tv, for others it’s Facebook or Pinterest.  Either way, turn it off, grab a glass of water and maybe a snack and get to it!  I have an alarm clock on my desk to keep me on track and stop me from looking around too much.


4. Workflow- This is a little piece of heaven once it’s done.  The process…not so much!

This is where my OCD kicks in.  I write down EVERYTHING!  From blogging to editing to laundry.  I broke down my workflow by day and made sure to include my cleaning list since I tend to forget things otherwise.  This is just my way of doing things, make sure you do what works best for you.  I like to clean everything at once, but at this point, I just can’t do it anymore.  In order to make sure I’m not only checking emails and editing sessions, I made sure to break up my cleaning list and add it into my daily workflow.  I put each list in a plastic cover so I can use a dry erase marker to cross things off when they’re done.

This doesn’t just help me, but my husband as well.  If I ask him do help me with chores, all he has to do is check the list for that day and see what hasn’t been crossed off yet.  It makes our lives a lot less stressful and helps us communicate better (meaning I’m not yelling at him for not knowing what needs to be cleaned.

I also have a weekly workflow list and one for monthly tasks.  Think of it kind of like a scheduled checklist.  Instead of just writing down what you need to do this week or month, you break it down by day or week.  Feel free to put anything important on here.  I have vacuuming down everyday, just to make sure I stay ahead of the dog hair!


5. Schedule time for fun- It sounds a little weird, but it necessary!  Don’t just assume that you are going to stop working when you say working hours are over, though a loving spouse can be a great way of reminding you to shut down shop!  I schedule every Sunday off, with the exceptions of sessions right now.  I also try to make that at least one day during the week is a “cleaning only” day while my session level is low.  This gives us time to be a family and just hang out and enjoy each other’s company for a day without worrying about work.  We also try to do something special at least once a month, like going to the Sea Life Park.  This is SO much easier once you schedule a day off.

Since we are so far from family, both Nick and I have decided that when family is visiting, we will be taking time off to spend with them.  This may be harder for some people, but living 5,000 miles away in a vacation spot makes it a bit easier for us to know ahead of time when people are coming.

These organization tips are the secret to giving yourself more time to relax and enjoy your family.  And a more relaxed mommy-to-be means a more relaxed, healthier baby-to-be!  By creating systems for daily, weekly and monthly workflow and schedules for your time, you will have to schedule your life around your work less.  Your friends, spouse, doctor and clients will love you for it
and you will be that much happier (and have time for a slice of pie)!!!

Trying for Baby | New Mommy Series

Okay so here it is, the big post we all knew was coming.  I’ll just say it and get past the obvious part of all this WE ARE PREGNANT!!!   I know, I know, some people are like- what’s the big deal?  Well, we finally did it!  It has been a long journey and while we may not be crossing the finish line for a while still, we finally made it to the race.

This whole journey started for me in February 2010 when I decided that we should have a baby.  I didn’t tell my husband- boyfriend at the time- since I knew he would turn me down and look at me like I was crazy.  I also knew it would be a little tricky, but low and behold in April we found out we were pregnant.  It was so romantic!  I cried, he looked me like I just grew 2 more heads, we had a shot gun wedding at the courthouse- okay, so maybe not romantic.  A month later we lost the baby and I we were devastated.  In September, Nick left for an 11 month deployment to Iraq.

The next year was full of waiting and wanting to ripe my hair out.  Nick came home for R&R for 2 weeks in April 2011.  I hoped that between the relief (and excitement :) ) of him being home and celebrating his birthday and our 1st anniversary we would make some magic happen.  Sadly, the magic escaped us and we had we wait the remaining 4 months for him to come home.  Once August rolled around and he was home for good, we took up right where we had left off.  Try, try and try again.

Finally, in July 2012 I went to the doctor.  We had to wait another month to be deemed as having “fertility problems”, since it hadn’t quite been a solid year of trying.  Once the year was up, there were a couple of tests and in September I was officially diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)- meaning I have small cysts that grow on my ovaries and prevent ovulation.  I was then prescribed Clomid to help with the problem and OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) and told to go forth and…well, you know.

In mid October, we got the smiley face saying was go time and a pain staking 19 days later we were seeing two pink lines.  We where over the moon!  So excited that our journey was over.  At Christmas we announced it to the whole family- and Facebook.  But our bubble of happiness was about to be abruptly popped.  On January 3rd, 2013 our first ultrasound revealed they was no baby in sight.  I was so heartbroken I started to have an anxiety attack right there on the table.  After 2 weeks of blood work and ultrasounds I had a D&C to remove the tissue left behind.  There were 4 or more weeks of blood work and lab tests until was deemed “normal” again.  After so much devastation and with a pending move to Hawaii in April, we decided we would wait a while.  I was emotionally exhausted and just couldn’t take the counting and waiting and heartache anymore.  We stopped the Clomid and started packing.

We left Virginia on April 19th and headed to Iowa to visit family and drop off Nick’s Jeep.  It helped my broken heart to spend time with our nieces and nephew- Ana- 2, T-Rose- 1 and Vahnny- 1 1/2.  We were even surprised when Nick’s little brother flew in unexpectedly.  It was April 24th when we went to dinner and the unthinkable happened…I got car sick.  Not being one to get whoosy in the back seat, I took a test that night.  Somehow, we had manged to make a miracle.  We have conceived without fertility meds or OPKS, without counting and charting.

The next 5 weeks where hell.  We were so nervous and cautious, neither of us wanted to get too attached.  I would lay awake at night with my hands on my belly begging the baby to be strong, to have a heartbeat.  I just kept thinking- I can’t go through that again.  Then it came…the doctor’s appointment.  Nick took off work to go with me and hand in hand we walked into the room, he sat next to table, holding my wallet and clothes.  They took the vital and did the usual measuring and checks.  Then the moment came.  They wheeled the ultrasound machine in and it was time.  I reached for Nick’s hand and held my breathe.  As soon as the wand touched my skin I felt a little twitch form Nick’s hand and there it was.  A small baby facing fully forward and dancing on the screen!  I started to cry as the tension just melted away.  The whole ride home we were smiling like fouls and looking at the sonogram saying “we did it” over and over again.

We are now 14 weeks along and everything seems normal and healthy.  We can’t wait to meet this little one we have waited so long for and tried so hard to get.  Our family is growing and we couldn’t be happier!  So for all of you out there that have been trying and waiting and feel like it will never happen, keep going!  It’s hard to find a rainbow in the forest, but it is possible and that much more precious when you do.


lucky charms

Lucky Charms are even more magically delicious when your pregnant and craving them constantly!

freya snuggles- 13wksFreya is looking forward to being a big sister and loves to cuddle with my belly in the mornings!


The Little Things | Nieces and Nephews

As we make our way west to our new home in Hawaii, we have stopped for the week in Iowa to spend a little time with family.  The best part? I get to see my two nieces and my nephew!  These kids are so stinking cute and, while they can be a hand full, they are such a delight. ♥

They have helped to remind me of something.  Something we all tend to forget from time to time when life gets busy.  To stop and enjoy the LITTLE things!  The small moments in life that pass all too quickly and seem so menial.  The silly things that may not make much sense, but they are fun and happy.

So this week is about just that!  It’s about the yogurt covered face of my nephew Vahn as he eats lunch.  My 2 year old niece Ana showing off here new summer dress.  The first time baby Tatiana got up on her knees to rock back and forth.  These are the moments that life is made of.  The sweet little things that make it special.

I encourage you all to slow down, take a breath and just enjoy the light things anytime you can.  It makes life so much better and so much more worth living!  So set down the laptop, get out of your chair and go spend time with your family!  Trust me!  You won’t regret it! :-)